The Virginia-based producer Nicholas O’neil, better known as Módl had developed a passion for music since the age of 16. Following his remixes for the Chainmokers and Billie Ellish, Módl has since assembled over 4 million tracks on both Spotify and Soundcloud.

He previously saw success in 2018 with his original track "Years From Now" being picked up by Express Clothing’s International commercial marketing campaign. His music has gained support from channels including but not limited to MrSuicideSheep,, Hegemon, Wonderlust, and

Looking back, what were some of your earliest entries into music appreciation? And music production?

When I was 13 years old,  my parents got me and my little sister a midi keyboard. I would record myself playing harmonica and piano with her and play it back constantly trying to perfect it. My DAW was audacity.

Take us through your songwriting process. Are there any particular steps you take when putting music together?

My song ideas always come in various ways. I could be peeing and suddenly came up with a cool verse then I’ll quickly write it on my phone. A lot of the time I’ll play guitar melody samples and write lyrics to the guitar then build the song around that. I also enjoy playing guitar and singing to write my lyrics, then recording the guitar separate from my vocals later.

What gets your creative juices flowing?

I often enjoy a coffee before producing or some source of caffeine. After a quick prayer and some coffee, I’ll fiddle with the guitar or piano until I hear something I like, then I would record it. I’ll then start singing until I hear what I like, then I write it down. I also enjoy going to my local park and sitting by the river to write music. I’ll often listen to instrumentals I’ve made in nature to give me more ideas.

What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career?

The first moment was when I made my song “Years from now.” I made that song for fun trying to be a part of the future bass scene and it seemed to work. Once I had released that I was able to get some good attention on SoundCloud. I then got the attention of Robin Schulz and a couple other tastemakers. From there it started to snowball. The second moment was being on Mrsuicidesheep with my track ‘Breathe’. That was a huge goal accomplished and it allowed me to get the exposure I needed to continue to grow.

As a musician, it becomes apparent that there is a huge difference between the art and the business. Is there anything about the music scene that you would personally change?
In the music business, I would change how producers have to make music. A lot of producers feel trapped right now trying to cater to what their label or tastemaker wants. There still is not enough creative freedom for producers that are signed. There should be no instruction manual to creating a song as it is an art and art is expression, and expression cannot be taught.

Studio work and music creation or performing and interacting with a live audience, which do you prefer?

I personally love the process of creating music. That’s what I started out doing and it will always be a favorite. I only recently started performing live and have begun to really enjoy it. It is a completely different animal from producing and I’m excited to explore that area more.

What is the most memorable response you have had to your music?
The most memorable response to my music was my first official Mrsuicidesheep release. It has always been a goal of mine to release a song on their YouTube channel and when ‘Breathe’ and my new track ‘Clementine’ was released I got tons of positive comments and feedback. It continues to give me the confidence I need to continue producing.

What's on your current playlist?

I’ve been listening to Flume, Odesza, Kasbo, Tame Impala, ASAP Rocky, Kanye West, and Bon Iver.

Breakdown the news for us: what can we expect from you in the near future?

You can expect consistent monthly releases as well as brand new sample packs. I am working on perfecting my sound and will eventually release a debut album.

Famous last words?

Worth the donuts

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Fresh from a run of July tour dates and festival appearances, London-based international acid rockers SWEDISH DEATH CANDY are pleased to reveal a trippy psychedelic video for latest single ‘Modern Child’ which is out now.

Commenting on the new video, director/animator Paddy O’Hara said: “The idea was to use the child’s eye as a portal between reality and his subconscious, a theme inspired by the track’s opening lyric: ‘Do what your mind’s eye shows you’. The child’s eye is scared, lost and alone in what is an abstract take on the human mind. It is dehumanising and seemingly never-ending; the feeling of being trapped in your own thoughts.”

The band recently announced that their second album, Are You Nervous?, will be released later this year on 27th September 2019 via Hassle Records. The album is available to preorder now, with separate limited colour vinyl pressings available via the band's official store and independent

Alongside the album, the quartet also recently revealed a huge run of live appearances including extensive EU tour dates and festival appearances, and a November 2019 run of UK headline tour dates, including their biggest London headline show to date at The Moth Club on 13th November.

Lead single ‘Modern Child’ is a track about an orphaned child born in the future to robot carers, that weaves frontman Louis Perry’s disparate interests together perfectly, illustrating how taking a creative approach to storytelling on the new record allowed him to examine topics from multiple perspectives.

“I’m a sci-fi fan,” says Perry, “and for me the best science fiction is generally a social commentary based in a futuristic universe. I feel like we’re living in that time. We aren’t far from the future that a lot of the classic sci-fi novels refer to. This story doesn’t feel that far fetched considering how large of an effect technology has on the youth of today,” Perry continues to reason. “My six year old sister can use computers and tablets like it’s second nature. The internet has had a huge influence on our upbringing, and even I can’t imagine what a modern child’s perception of technology is, considering that they’ve never lived without it.”

Recorded with Tobin Jones and assistant engineer Lucas Mendez at The Park Studios in Wembley, Are You Nervous? is a deeper delve into the band’s sprawling cultural influences than they’ve ever committed to tape before. Whilst retaining their core psych-sound, there’s a heaviness to SDC that seems latent within the band; gut-twisting, rolling riffs, dripping in distortion, ooze naturally from their skin like psychoactive substances from a toxic frog.

The record has received rave reviews from Powerplay Magazine, PROG, Classic Rock, Louder Sound, Planet Rock Radio, and Kerrang! Global Creative Director/MOJO contributing editor Phil Alexander. Rounding out the end of last year with three exhaustive months of European touring, SDC kicked off 2019 on a short stretch of dates with Dutch psych rockers DeWolff, and an extensive run of dates supporting Nashville rock band All Them Witches, with appearances at Raw Power Festival, Sonic Whip Festival, DesertFest Berlin, and more.

Swedish Death Candy live dates:

Saturday 7th – Potsdam, Rock am Loschteich
Thursday 26th – Den Bosch, Willem Twee
Friday 27th – Den Haag, Zwarte Ruiter
Sunday 29th – Groningen, Plato Planet

Saturday 5th – Southsea, Dials Festival
Wednesday 23rd – Cologne, MTC
Thursday 24th – Leipzig, Ilses Erika
Friday 25th – Hamburg, Hafenklang
Sunday 27th – Dresden, Groovestation
Tuesday 29th – Munich, Milla
Wednesday 30th – Nurnberg,  Z-Bau
Thursday 31st – Ulm, Kradhalle

Wednesday 6th – Brighton, The Prince Albert
Thursday 7th – Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
Friday 8th – Manchester, YES Basement
Saturday 9th – Bristol, The Lanes
Wednesday 13th – London, Moth Club
Friday 15th – Aldershot, West End Centre
Saturday 16th – Leeds, Headrow House
Sunday 17th – Sheffield, Record Junkee
Wednesday 27th – Nantes, Scene Michelet
Thursday 28th – Bordeaux, Rock School Barbey
Friday 29th – Paris, Espace B
Saturday 30th - Lyon, Le Sonic​

Swedish Death Candy online:
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Electronic rockers VEX RED have unveiled a brand new video for their recent single ‘Tarantula’, their first taste of new material in three years. The video follows a protagonist through a variety of unexpected and bewildering occurrences, culminating in a dramatic climax in the midst of a gloomy forest.

The imagery enhances the power of the music, flooding the senses with a cocktail of delicate electronics, spectral vocals, throbbing bass and soaring guitars, all the while exerting an emotional intensity that’s impossible to ignore.

“For me personally Tarantula’s video is a reminder that there is a sort of malaise that creeps up on me. I only notice when already bloodied. It’s a reaction to the unnatural environment and the disconnection from nature. I'm attracted to the chaos of it. You have to let yourself let go,” explains bassist Keith Lambert.

“’Tarantula’ is about finding calm in a world full of noise - to quiet the static and outrun the turbulence” continues vocalist and guitarist Terry Abbott. “As our political landscapes get rougher with each new direction and power game we find ourselves underneath a growing storm. It feels like a sense of helpless imminence has us in its grasp.”

‘Tarantula’ is the opening track on VEX RED’s upcoming EP Give Me The Dark, due for release on October 4th via Say Something Recordings. The EP also features their 2016 single ‘Burn This Place’, which earnt them the honour of being personally invited to perform at Robert Smith’s 2018 Meltdown Festival at London’s Southbank Centre.

The band will also be performing a special show at Camden Assembly on September 13th.
 With this EP, an album in the works and a reignited hunger to create new music, VEX REDare back with a refreshed sense of purpose and are set to go from strength to strength.

Burn This Place
So I Can Sleep
Dermo – Acoustic (Bonus Track)

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Following on from his previous release 'Horizon', Austrian indie-rock musician Ro Bergman has released a music video for his track 'Clouds.'

The video centres around  freedom of ideas, and the visuals of the video fully support this. Bergman explains: "The essence of the song is featured by characteristic spots from my home area. It shows and symbolise that no matter where an idea is born, it can grow and transcend all borders."

The cinematography of the sky with moving cloud formations drives the concept home. The clouds could be construed as metaphors for ideas, and their floating, swelling and fading as the metaphorical thought process. Both this video, as well as the previous video for 'Horizon' have an amazing feeling of freedom, as well as lyrics of encouragement. Bergman seems to be a pretty positive guy, and we can't wait to hear more of his work in the future.

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Hailing from the North Wales border, the weird and wonderful GRAVVES are a known name in the UK’s underground punk and alternative scene. Since the release of their ‘OH, THE JOY’ EP, a combination of relentless touring, including slots at Sound City Festival, Wrong Festival and Focus Wales, and airplay from BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio Wales, Amazing Radio and Kerrang! Radio has seen them amass a fan base up and down the UK.

Their latest single, ‘Steady As She Goes (And Dies)’, recorded at Big Jack Studio’s by Michael Whalley, takes aim at the mundane and refuses to pull any punches. "I turn on the charts and it pretty much sounds all the same now," explains vocalist/bassist Adam Hughes commenting on the track."There’s no bite anymore. There’s a lot of beige instead; an indistinguishable mess." If there’s anyone equipped to rage against this state of affairs, it’s GRAVVES.

The band underline their ubercool credentials with an accompanying music video that sees the band nighttime cruising down country roads in a classic Jaguar. "We aimed for something dark and stylish with a bit of a colour theme. It came out great, considering it was quite a DIY job all around!" explained GRAVVES drummer, Tom Williams.

'Steady As She Goes (And Dies)' will be released through Restless Bear this October as part of a split EP with alt-rock/blues two-piece Deh-Yey. "Deh-Yey are one of the best bands from Chester, and nice guys too. It was a no brainer to do this with them, especially with us both joining Restless Bear around the same time" explained Tom.

GRAVVES will continue their rigorous touring schedule throughout the remainder of the year with further dates to be announced in due course.

SEP 7TH – Loserpalooza – Manchester, Peer Hat
SEP 14TH - Chester, Boneyard Skatepark
SEP 27TH - Mold – Y Pentan
SEP 28TH - Birmingham – Muthers Studio
OCT 19TH - St Mary’s Church, Chester (release show)
OCT 31ST - Detention Club , Manchester
NOV 2ND - Deco All Dayer, Manchester, Peer Hat

GRAVVES online: 
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With just over a month to go until the release of their debut record Context, out 13 September, east coast noise-rock unit Eye Flys have shared new single"Crushing of the Human Spirit". Opening on barrages of thundering drums and bludgeoning guitars befitting the song title, the track quickly shifts into jagged, hypnotic rhythms, revealing deceptively intricate arrangements amidst the rippling layers of distortion. Eye Flys are on tour in the U.S. this week, with more dates to announce in the near future.

Eye Flys brings together the minds of four musicians known for their work in some of the most extreme, blistering bands today. The quartet was initially started by Full of Hell guitarist Spencer Hazard and former Backslider drummer Patrick Forrest as an outlet to play aggressive music with equal intensity that would contrast the breakneck speeds of their other projects. Drawing immediate comparisons to bands like Unsane, Cherubs, and The Melvins (where they take their name), Eye Flys' bludgeoning sound is underpinned by a razor sharp edge. Their debut release, Context, is an album of commanding, lean noise rock absolutely brimming with vitriol - a testament to its members’ abilities to produce music that is as ferocious as it is addictive.

Eye Flys U.S. tour dates
Aug. 6 - Columbus, OH - The Summit
Aug. 7 - Detroit, MI - The Sanctuary
Aug. 8 - Chicago, IL - Reggie’s
Aug. 9 - Lexington, KY - The Green Lantern
Aug. 10 - Pittsburgh, PA - Howler’s

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Indie-rock musician, Ro Bergman has released his track  ‘Horizon’ alongside the video for it via Bergman Music. The Austrian musician has travelled far but always chooses to return to his roots.

The music video depicts Ro Bergman going on a pilgrimage through the  Wadi Rum Desert of Jordan. Instead of religious tones, the viewer is struck with the impression of self-discovery for the prolific musician. The listener is empowered by the track, feeling like they too can go on this journey. Despite the seemingly serious tone, the music video maintains a light sound, with hope for the new horizon that is sung about shinning through.

“Out of the underground into the open, I had to write ‘Horizon’ to break out and see my new horizons.” - Ro Bergman comments on his latest single.

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